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Thunder Bay Mediation
Helping families during separation and divorce to resolve issues

Thunder Bay Mediation Centre provides a valuable and economical family mediation service to the Thunder Bay and the Northwestern Ontario community.

Family Mediation enables families to resolve their own issues surrounding separation and divorce while supported by accredited family and child protection mediators recognized by the Ontario Association For Family Mediation. These issues include decisions around custody, access, parental plans, child support, spousal support and division of property.
Our services provide an environment that is welcoming, nonjudgmental and provides impartial facilitators trained to communicate, mediate and negotiate in a non-threatening setting.

Our services :
?nbsp;Provide information and education surrounding issues of separation, divorce and child protection
?Provide a process in which all parties feel that they are being heard and issues can be mediated

 ?Provide an environment that is non-threatening and conducive to resolving issues


Thunder Bay Mediation believes:

Confidentiality is an integral part of the mediation process
?Mediation is an educational process which helps all parties in   decision making           
?Our clients will work through the mediation process in a non-threatening environment which respects and values diversity
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